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I have a second problem which is related to converting horizontal axis to degrees ( or in terms of Pi :  0 - Pi/2 ).

Thank you for your helps


s1 := (1/3*(4*(1.66+10^(-1))^2-x^2))^(3/2)/(x^2*(1+.66+10^(-1)))-sin(2*a);
s2 := (1/3*(4*(1.66+10^(-2))^2-x^2))^(3/2)/(x^2*(1+.66+10^(-2)))-sin(2*a);
s3 := (1/3*(4*(1.66+10^(-3))^2-x^2))^(3/2)/(x^2*(1+.66+10^(-3)))-sin(2*a);
k1 := series(s1, x);
       4.769067180 x     + (-0.5773502688 - 1. sin(2. a))

                           2    / 4\
          + 0.01164914507 x  + O\x /
k2 := series(s2, x);
       4.293792441 x     + (-0.5773502692 - 1. sin(2. a))

                           2    / 4\
          + 0.01293857500 x  + O\x /
k3 := series(s3, x);
       4.247636750 x     + (-0.5773502693 - 1. sin(2. a))

                           2    / 4\
          + 0.01307916821 x  + O\x /
p1 := convert(k1, polynom);
  4.769067180                                                2
  ----------- - 0.5773502688 - 1. sin(2. a) + 0.01164914507 x 
p2 := convert(k2, polynom);
  4.293792441                                                2
  ----------- - 0.5773502692 - 1. sin(2. a) + 0.01293857500 x 
p3 := convert(k3, polynom);
  4.247636750                                                2
  ----------- - 0.5773502693 - 1. sin(2. a) + 0.01307916821 x 
with(plots, implicitplot);
implicitplot([p1, p2, p3], a = 0 .. (1/2)*Pi, x = 0 .. 3, style = point, symbol = [box, cross, circle], labeldirections = [horizontal, vertical], labels = ["θ (radians)", "Switching  field (T)"], color = [blue, red, black], symbolsize = 13);

Dear all,


I'd like to make a logplot with the option axes = boxed . 

let's say:

plot(x^3, x = 0 .. 2, axes = boxed)

But I need the tickmarks and numbers on both y-axes.

Could you tell me how to do this?

How to put number 1,2,3...12  around a circle, like a clock face using Maple code ?

Right now I can only do this manually by plotting a circle, then save the file and use Windos paint to

mannual put in the numbers

My question is related to changing the plot size and modifying the number of ticks.

For example, I am plotting y vs. x, and x is from -1.0*Pi/2..1.0*Pi/2. I want to modify the plot size with size=[h,w]. If I have three ticks in x-axis if I change to small width, then the number of ticks is decreased. How can I force it to have the certain number of ticks? Also, why if I set view=[-1.0*Pi/2..1.0*Pi/2,0..1] then the -1.0*Pi/2 disappear if the width size is small. 



Suppose that I have a plot:

plot(sin((1/180)*Pi*x), x = -180 .. 180)

I want to add a degree symbol after the tickmarks on the x-axis.  One approach which seem promising is to add a plot option for the x-axis:

axis[1] = [tickmarks = [90 = typeset("90", degree)]]

where "degree" is replaced by a code for the degree symbol. Maple is helpful here because I can point and click using the Common Symbols palette and insert a degree symbol. However this does not work delivering an error "Error, invalid neutral operator". This error is undocumented. 

I can insert a Pi or an infinity symbol. If I want to I can put a degree sysmbol into ther title, but apparently not on the axes.


Dear all,

I like to plot a function, let's say x^2 in a boxed axis mode; i.e. 



Howeve, I want the plot to have tickmarks on all four axises, and not only the normal x and y axis.

Can anyone help me with this please? 





Is it possible to have the labels of the x-axis and of the tickmarks above the axis?

Thank you!

Is it possible for tickmarks to be different colors? For example, say I'm working with the plot


Is there a way to make the tickmarks at x=-1/2,1/2 red while making the tickmarks at x=-1,1 blue?

Or, alternatively, is there a way to turn the tickmarks at x=-1/2,1/2 into red subticks and make the tickmarks at x=-1,1 blue?


I'm sharing this in the hope it might help someone (my future self being the most likely). Since my suggestions are not perfect and a little messy, feel free to suggest better ways.

I spend a great deal of time tweaking my plots. Oftentimes I want to add labels to the curves right onto the plot. Most of the time it's easy to do. Occasionally I struggle. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I give up.

Below is an example of the kind of plot I sometimes create. It's not perfect.

Here is a plot in table format of the standard Times, Helvetica, and SYMBOL fonts. This plot provides a reference table that can be used to find the character codes to plot any one-byte character that can be plotted, which is especially useful for the SYMBOL characters and character codes 128-255 in the standard fonts. These characters are available for plotting in both the Standard and Classic GUIs.

All characters are aligned to be immediately above and immediately...

In a plot of y=x^2 how can one choose to have no tickmarks except for at given points say x=2 and x =8 and of course on the corresponding y values?


I am making a 2D plot and need to mark certain irregular points on the x-axis, so I managed to put tickmarks (and gridlines) at those points, and somehow Maple even labels each tickmark, which is what I want. 

Except, there is no room along the x-axis for all the labels, so I need the labels to appear vertically at each tickmark.

Is  there any way to do this? The only instructions I can find for vertical labelling just apply to axis labels, not tickmark or gridline labels.

I'm trying to construct some tickmarks. I have so far found a way to do a "hat", where I use:




I also need to put a subscript and a superscript on that. Any ideas?





hi. i am regularly plotting subsets of the complex plane. but i have not figured out yet how i can have the vertical axis labeled with i, 2i, 3i, ... instead of 1, 2, 3, ...


how do i do it?

Hi, I have the following problem with Maple 12:


all the decimals in plots (tickmarks) are displayed with a comma (e.g. 0,5).

Is it possible to replace the comma by the  point (i.e. 0,5 -> 0.5 ) ?


Unfortunately I cant see appropriate setting in the Maple help.


However the problem is rather serious: some journals (e.g. Phys Rev D)

require the tickmarks to be written without commas (the

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