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I have included a transfer function of a 3 degree of freedom system.  There are special loci, aside from s = 0, where the numerator will equate to a REAL scalar value, and the denominator will reduce to a simple product of the individual z roots.  Does anyone know if there is some physical significance, interpretation, or analog to this condition and special loci?


Hi, I am new in Maple. If I have an electric network as in the figure, I want to get the Transfer Function V2(s)/Vi(s) from this equation system:





Which are the commands that I may write to get this?? Before hand, Thanks by your answers!

I have theoretically 3(could eventually be more) layers with an incident wave with a wave equation for that wave.

It refracts into the 2nd layer from the first and now has a 2nd wave equation, then from the 2nd into the 3rd layer with a 3rd wave equation.

All the wave equations are of the form, Psi(z) = A_1psi_1(z) + B_1psi_2(z); this is just a general solution where psi_1&2 are linearly independant solutions that make up the general equation above and A_1 and B_1 are constant coefficients that would be A_2,B_2 and A_3,B_3 for the 2nd and 3rd layers respectively.

Transfer matrix method gives A_1,B_1 in terms of A_2,B_2(as it transfers from layer 1 to 2 they equate under boundary conditions so you can solve the simultaneous equations for results). You create a matrix of these results and multiply it with the respective matrix of the 2nd layer to 3rd layer to give you the overall transfer matrix from one side of the system to the other.

I think something to do with transfer function but not sure how to use it or set up the problem. 

Thanks in advance for any pointers.


Hi Guys,

I am trying to do the following and here is the issue:

> System*Transfer*Functions;
Power Stage Transfer Function:
> He := s^2/`ωn`^2+s/(`ωn`*Qn)+1;
Compensation Netwrok Transfer Function:
> Av := gm*(1+s/`ωcz1`)(1+s/`ωcz2`)/((Cc+Rc)*s*(1+s/`ωcp`));

Loop Transfer Function:
> Loop := Vref*RL*(1+s/`ωesr`)*Av/(Vout*Ri*(1+s/`ωp1`)*He);

> sys3 := TransferFunction(Loop);

Warning, transfer-function(s) are not rational-polynomial(s) in s


I want to do the TF and Bode Plot for this complex system... 

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