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I have saved 3 Maple workbook files on my computer, but only one of them can re-open.
when i try to open the other two a pop-up says

"A problem was ecountered while opening the workbook.

database is not opened" 

and then i get the option to press "ok". What should i do?


I have a package of routines meant to help Danish highschool students use Maple. I would like to use MapleCloud to distribute this but have run into a major stumbling block:

While Maple is perfectly happy to use non-latin letters such as the Scandinavian letters æ, ø and å it seems that MapleCloud can't handle that. Specifically, strings containing such letters is displayed in garbled form (the non-latin letters are shows as squares), and symbolic names containing such characters seems not to be recognized. The latter problem in particular makes MapleCloud quite useless to me.

I have attached a simple workbook demonstrating the problems to this message.

I would like to create a Maple Workbook of my Lattice Package so I can put it on MapleCloud. I had an email exchange with Daniel Skoog from Maplesoft about this, and he even sent me an example that looked easy enough to adapt to my purposes. Alas, it does not work. Here is the code I wrote to assemble the already extant files:

                "Maple Initialization loaded..."
# Build Lattice workbook following example from Daniel Skoog, MapleSoft:
 "/Applications/Math_Calc/Maple 2015/Packages/Lattice/Lattice

    Version 1.1.0 release files"
# We have all files already from the App Center submission, so just assemble the workbook
"MLA file"="Lattice.mla",\
"Build procedure"="",\
"Manual"="The Lattice Package Users",\
"Release Notes"="V1.1 Release Notes.rtf");
Error, (in march) unable to attach worksheet file The Lattice Package Users

When I look at the created workbook (Lattice.maple), the only members included are, the Build procedure and the source file Lattice.mpl. In particular, Lattice.mla is not there, which is the most important one.

What am I doing wrong? What does "march" (which sounds like machine architecture) have to do with it??

I also don't quite know how to "install" it. I assume I just put the whole workbook into a directory accessible through libname ?

Mac Dude

PS: I could have sorted this privately with Daniel, but this may be of interest to others as well so I hope he'll answer through this forum.

I have made a small package in a workbook and want to upload it as a package to MapleCloud. According to the help pages, I should select Save To Cloud from the File menu and select the package option for Application Type in the dialog that appears. However, no matter what I do the only option availlable is Maple. What is going on?

I have noticed this a couple of times now. If I  do a Saveas on a workbook document A to a new name B. Close maple. Reopen and load the new workbook document B it retains the old file name in the header bar and at the top of the workbook document list. The new filename is shown across the dark part at the top along with the old file name. The only fix I found the last time was to export the workbook as, then saveas to B.maple and reattach documents. Painful.



I cant understend how to use new Maple workbook, and i cant load it on a site so i will use screenshoots to explain. I whant to add my costume functions to code attachments and exceuted them in multitipe workshellds, but i dont know how to excecude them from ther + i cant understend how varibles sistem work. For excemple i go main document ex1, in it i save z as global varible for all worksheed, when i excecute it works alright in other workdoxument c2 but when i change it in main document it didnt change in others, but in saved varibles in ex1 saved new value of z , and in all others z is left same as it was. In such whay i can save function f2 wich is declorated in workdocument c2 as varible, it will exceute in main ex1 but any changes of f2 in c2 wudent be applied in ex2, if i declorated and excecude f1 in c1 code attachment it dont even generate in varibles tables + i dont see any whay to excecute it from ex1, so here the qestion how to excecute functions saved in code attachments in other book's wordsheets and how make saved varibles usable in all book?

Dear Maple users

I have done some experiments with the new Workbook feature in Maple 2016. It is a very welcome addition, indeed. Earlier I have created Maple files in which data from an external Excel file was imported and being used for certain calculations. In order to make recalculations work properly, one need to let the Excel file follow the Maple file. That's where a Workbook come in handy! I tried placing those two files in a Workbook. It didn't work completely as advertised, I think. I moved the Workbook to another location on the harddrive to make sure it wouldn't interfere with the original files outside the Workbook. Then I recalculated the Maple document inside the Workbook. The good thing: The data from the Excel file was still present. The bad thing: If I changed some data in the Excel file inside the Workbook, it didn't register in the Maple file when updating it!

Maybe I should explain that I did import data from the Excel file into Maple via the menu: Tools > Assistants > Import Data... The data was retrieved as a matrix within the Maple file and assigned to a variable and used for plots ...

Why doesn't the above procedure work properly? I hope one don't need to use the Workbook URI to reference files within the workbook. It is not that userfriendly!




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