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On a plot, how do I change the size of the probe info text box ? I cannot read the very small text displayed when the probe info is active. My laptop screen size is only 13 inches.

Thank you

Dear friends:

I am facing to search the command which zoom a sactor of graph, I know it can be done by using maple tools whose present tool bar but I need a command for zooming please help me to fix this problem (attached) I want to see th sactor eta=0.8 to eta=1.2.

Please see the problem and correct as soon as possible. I am waiting your positive respone.

Muhammad Usman

School of Mathematical Sciences 
Peking University, Beijing, China


I am using Maple 2015.2 on a Windows 10 machine.  I use the plot command to generate a simple graph.  I then use the Manipulator Pan tool to change the axes limits.  The system does not redraw the function with the new range limits.  The parameters in the Axis properties have been changed appropriately but the graph does not display for the new limits.  Even if I change the parameters without using Manipulator Pan tool, the system does not redraw the function with the new range limits.  Any guidance about what I am doing wrong?  I am attaching an example file in case the behavior continues on other systems.



Hi everyone,


I am creating a Maplet containing an area to plot some math function using Plotter command. The point is that I want to put the toolbar native from Maple in order to avoid to add extra buttons for zooming, moving, 1:1 or etcetera the graph, but I have not been successful.

Some suggestions?

Thank you, Friends!


Can anyone please suggest a way to set the zoom factor for a 3D plot from the plot commands or using DocumentTools or in some other way that doesn't involve the interactive tools?

What I'm trying to achieve is the following:

I'm developing MapleCloud worksheets for a course I'm teaching and want to give my students several 3D plots to interact with through their web browser.  When I make the plots, Maple determines the scaling so that boxed axes with labels will fit in the area of the plot component.  However, I'm making plots with axes=none that look better at a higher zoom factor (the corners of the unseen boxed axes would be out of the plot area but all the plot components still fit) and I'm keen to create the plots that look like this if possible.

My ideal solution would be for there to be a zoomfactor option for the plots[display] command or to be able to use some code like SetProperty("Plot0",zoomfactor,1.25) but I haven't been able to find a way to achieve this.  The closest I found was setting the viewpoint option, but that locked the view, preventing rotation, and I want to just set the initial view.  Is there some other method I haven't found?

Thank you for your help,




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