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Hello all,

It was noticed by Dr Corless in his book Maple...7 that sin(3*arcsin(x)) is equal to 3*x-4*x^3.

At the time Maple 7 couldn't do that.

Now with Maple 18 here is what I did without success:

convert(sin(3*arcsin(x),exp) (long expression...) and then simplify(%)...Ugly expression.

How can I FORCE Maple to return the polynomial in x (if possible at all) ?

Kind Regards




What is the combination key for zooming in/out on a Maple 3D graphic?

It seems I have forgotten... (CTRL+left mouse button does not work)




It seems that the command vrml is long gone (I have a lot of worksheets using this "command") and

has been replaced by saving  a graphic in x3d format.

That's ok I have a x3d renderer but the quality of Maple for the x3d format in not very good (for the moment).

Please reintroduce vrml :-)


Jean-Michel Collard



Years ago it was possible for Maple to send graphics in a new window instead of the current worksheet.

I know it is possible under Unix*s with plotestup and interface=x11.

I have read extensively the man page and didn't find any reference for windows machines. it possible or not ?

Thank you for your feedback,

JM Collard


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