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Hi Christopher - thanks for this suggestion. I have added it to our list of priorities and I'm hopeful that we can add it shortly.


@Carl Love 

That is a good suggestion and I'll add that to our wish list. We did remove many of these garbage tags that you referenced, but we missed 'query', which we'll remove later today.

If there are others that you can see, let me know and we can clean them out as well.

@Carl Love - are you seeing the same icons as displayed here:


If you are seeing them, you can vote by clicking on the thumbs-up symbol.

If you are not seeing them, there is a problem that we did not see during our testing.


@Carl Love 

A note that the ordering of answers in a user's profile has been corrected and should behave as it did prior to the site update.

With regards to the right-hand menu, this is how it works:

  • Recent Posts & Recent Conversations get updated with the latest content immediately after creation
  • Active conversations gets updated every 10 minutes at the latest.

Both of these timeframes are much faster than the prior version of MaplePrimes.

We will look into the problem where an answer did not appear in Active Conversations after 8 hours. However, note that Mapleprimes does get a lot of answers & comments throughout the course of a day, so it's unlikely that an answer would remain in that list after 8 hours.

Somewhat coincidentally, earlier today we posted an update to MaplePrimes that was focused primarily on improving performance. With this update, average page loads have decreased by an average of about 2x, and some sections have improved many greater than that.


@J Rod 

We are unfortunately not able to find any problems when it comes to posting and replying using Internet Explorer 9.

How were you able to post the reply above? Did you use a different browser? Is there a specific scenario where you are unable to post? Any further details would be greatly appreciated.

@Carl Love Many of the components of these pages use Javascript, which is cached by your browser. Clearing your browser's cache will remove all the files, but typically all you should need to do is click the refresh button once the page has been loaded. That should cause your browser to retrieve all of the files over again and replace what's in your cache.

I experienced the same issue. The first time I viewed the editor after the update, I still was unable to see the HTML editor properly. I simply refreshed at that point and everything went back to normal.

@Carl Love 

We published another small update to the editor in MaplePrimes. The problems you were experiencing should now be taken care of.

A note that if you still see some problems, refreshing your browser and try again. If you still encounter issues after that, please let us know.




@acer Thanks for this. I've confirmed that this is a problem and we'll address it.

@Carl Love I was referring to the same problem, but obviously our first fix didn't solve it in all circumstances. We have since updated the site again with another fix, and we believe the issue has been solved for good this time.

@Carl Love 

Thanks for letting us know about the problems you have experienced with the editor. We will look into them!

A note that we have updated MaplePrimes to address the "reply-to" problem that was periodically occurring. We are hopeful that we have solved the issue, but please let us know if you still encounter issues.

We have posted an update to MaplePrimes to address the "reply-to" bug that was recently introduced. It turned out to be an elusive issue to track down, and we are hopeful that it has now been taken care of.

As always, please continue to post any issues that you discover.


@Will Thanks - I missed that. We have updated the site and that should now be fixed.

@herclau We ran some tests and the message subscription feature appears to be working correctly. Perhaps your e-mail client is blocking them?

For reference, all subscription notification messages get sent from, and have the subject line: " Notifications for [your name]".

Also, if you use an RSS tool, you can subscribe to any message via the Comments Feed link that appears under each post or question.

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