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@acer Thanks for that, I thought it would just recognise ++ and +=. I'll do some more reading on the compiler: I don't think I considered it being a strict compiler since I've not had any issues in the past.

I've added my MWE in an edit. Alternatively, here ( it is as a worksheet.

From, it appears Maple cannot use identities when reducing the number of components. Maybe this is the issue?

@tomleslie As mentioned by @acer it's a subpackage.


#Import physics package and establish dimension



"`Warning, unable to define the Pauli sigma matrices (Psigma) as a tensor in a spacetime with dimension = `3` where the metric is not Euclidean. You can still refer to the Pauli matrices using `Psigma[x]`, `Psigma[y]` and `Psigma[z]"


`The dimension and signature of the tensor space are set to `[3, `- - +`]


#Define the tensor. N.B.: Here it would be equally correct to add ',minimizetensorcomponents' to the argument and it would do the same as the Library:-MinimizeTensorComponents command below (or at least, has the same outcome)


`Defined objects with tensor properties`


{Physics:-Dgamma[mu], Physics:-Psigma[mu], T[mu, nu, alpha], Physics:-d_[mu], Physics:-g_[mu, nu], Physics:-LeviCivita[alpha, mu, nu]}


#Reduces the number of tensor components based on symmetries, and finds the number of independent components









This is also the case in Maple 2020 as I have just verified.

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