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below code is calculate basis of kernel and kernel

i guess basis of image is 

remove(has, Ga, [r,u,v,w]); if this correct, i eliminate this, i can get the image
however it include variable 'a'
is it correct? if not, how to calculate? 
my final goal is to make unexact sequence into exact sequence

after union ideal I and J, how to remove the intersection of I and J in order to do primedecomposition?

G1 := [v*y-w*x, r*y-u*x, -v*u+w*r, u*y^2-v*x^2, u^2*y-v*r*x, u*w*y-v^2*x, u^3-v*r^2, u^2*w-v^2*r, -v^3+u*w^2, x^4-r, x^3*y-u, x*y^3-v, y^4-w, w*y^2*x^2-v^2];

TypeTools[AddType](`w`,typefunc(string, symbol));
L:= `if`(G1::`w`, [op], '[]')(G1);
it seems above code incorrect.
g1 := x^2-w*y;
g2 := x*y-w*z;
g3 := y^2-x*z;
S13 := -y^3*w+x^3*z;
eq1:= S13 = h131*g1 + h132*g2 + h133*g3;

hsol := solve(identity(eq1, x), [h131, h132, h133]);
h131 should be x*z
h312 should be 0
h133 should be -y*w


`if`(p::`+`, nops, 1)(p);

'if'(p::'w', nops,1)(p);

w not exist

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