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use the formula provided in

and run in Maple

Hn := n!*Summation(((-1)^(n/2-l))/((2*l)!*(n/2-l)!)*((2*x)^(2*l)),l=0..n/2);
genfun := Summation(Hn/n!*z^n,n=0..infinity);

but result is not exp(2*x*t - t^2)

1. I use your previous reply on V_G derive  on other characteristic function, but most are undefined

or complicated solution or can not evaluate, why?

for example

charc := 1+i*X/(i*X-1);
int(exp(-I*X*u)*charc, X = -infinity .. infinity);

it got this complicated thing
piecewise(Im(1/i) = 0, undefined, int(exp(-I*X*u)*(1+i*X/(i*X-1)), X = -infinity .. infinity, method = _UNEVAL))

Density := int(exp(-I*X*u)*charc, X = -infinity .. infinity);

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