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@Thomas Richard 

There is only one method VMware to support and run maple in ESX

@Carl Love 

i find "deploy window defender application control" need to fill in a code integrity policy file path 

control what can run in kernel and desktop

how to fill this to make maple allow to run?



Expect F is product operator

F(2,3) + 2 = F(2,4)

F(3,4) + 3 = F(3,5)

F(a,b) + a = F(a,b+1)

solve([ F(1,2)+1=F(1,3), F(a,b) + a = F(a,b+1), F(a,b)= F(summation(k,k=1..a),2)],F(a,b)) assuming a > 0, b>0

Expect F is new operator
solve([ F(1,2)*1=F(1,3), a*F(a,b) = F(a,b+1), F(a,b) = F(product(k,k=1..a),2)],F(a,b) ) assuming a > 0, b>0

i use a and b still not worked.

i have no further idea to express in math terms from observations 


3*4/2 =1+2+3

/2 means inverse F^(-1) ( F(3,4), 2)) = Summation(k,k=1..3)

I discover an extra equation after shifting k in excel , because two variable F(a,b) need two equations to solve, but solver may solve into F(x) which is after parametrization , i do not know whether it can go back to two variables.


Expect F is product operator

F(2,3) + 2 = F(2,4)

F(3,4) + 3 = F(3,5)

solve([ F(1,2)+1=F(1,3), F(n,n+1) + n = F(n,n+2), F(n,n+1)= F(summation(k,k=1..n),2)],F) assuming n > 0

Expect F is new operator
solve([ F(1,2)*1=F(1,3), n*F(n,n+1) = F(n,n+2), F(n,n+1)= F(product(k,k=1..n),2)],F) assuming n > 0




how about this?

F^(-1) ( F(n,n+1), 2 )= Summation(k,k=1..n)

F(n,n+1) = F(Summation(k,k=1..n),2) assuming n > 0

F(n,n+1) = F(Product(k,k=1..n),2) assuming n > 0

I know solution return empty

rsolve({F(n,n+1) = F(Product(k,k=1..n),2), F(1,2)=F(2,2)}, F(x1,x2))

it seems rsolve not work for this case too


is it possible to use this formula as engine to do calculation without need to solve?

without solving equation and using functional equation directly, is this the usage of functional programming?

if possible, is there any technique to achieve this?

for example to create a multiplication table like for new operator.

i would like to create a new operator besides addition and multiplication , then further using this logic to create a further one operator based on new operator

sorry i discover a mistake in my formula

3*4/2 = 1+2+3

Correct functional equation is

F^(-1) ( F(n,n+1), 2 )= Summation(k,k=1..n)

F(n,n+1) = F(Summation(k,k=1..n),2)

F(n,n+1) = F(Product(k,k=1..n),2)




@Carl Love 

F(n,n+1) = F( Product(k, k=1..n),2)

This Function should be a new operator in terms of existing operators.

yes , typo error.

similar another one

F(n,n+1) = F(Summation(k, k=1..n),2)

this one F , i know is multiply but assumed I do not know multiply this function or operator

can this F represent multiply in terms of addition?

@Carl Love 

I would like to use in android or apple app

use a list or a hash table

and then use a if ... in .... then else statement to get the result 

my program is a O(1) program , simple program

how to export this big list into a text file?



but it is not reasonable to change from



diff(f(a,b),a) + diff(f(a,b),b)

how to express this in symbolic mathematics in maple?


how to show the two plot graphs in dialog at the same time?


when I run script including scanf or maplelet 

> can not show the last few lines , in another words the latest result

without watching the result , I do not know how to answer the maplelet or input to scanf 



when it run the last line code , maple can show the last line of code , but when it pop up dialog ,

the result in maple need to scroll down to show the result , I need to cancel the dialog to scroll down the maple to see the result 

I tried to ssystem timeout to delay pop up dialog but it failed ,

How to make dialog question show the plot graph in dialog ?


how to make maple show the last 5 lines result by limit number of lines it shown ? So I do not need to scroll and can also see the plot.



I tried, I can cat the solution in question,

However, it do not allow to control scroll bar of maple after pop up the dialog,

I can not scroll to check the plot and next plot

how to do?


then I tried to create thread for dialog

first three times , no dialog pop up

fourth time has dialog but error shown

then fifth time, no dialog pop up

then can not close maple and need task manager to close ,

then I discover the resource is still using by maple after task manager close maple.exe, I need to restart computer.



I change to use scanf

but still can not control scroll bar when input box pop up

moreover thread can not receive the result1

ID1 := Create(scanf("%d", test), resul1);




can it have three choices? 
or use text box to receive answer?

because I need to choose solution[1], [2] or [3]?



@Adam Ledger 

I am not importing from csv

i would like to export to Excel, not limited to csv , just Excel 

one of columns has a list of equations 

how to do?

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