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Maple has a powerful package for manipulation with logical expressions (Logic package). But it lacks for transfomation a boolean expression to algebraic normal form (ANF). In fact, this transfomation is very simple and implements by applying simple rules

to disjunctive normal form.

I suppose that this can be reached by introducing some custom operators and transfomations, if it is possible in Maple.


Can any workarounds in Maple for debugging the code without procedure? 

I noticed, that FileTools[Text][ReadLine] cannot read Cyrillic letter "я" in text files.

My test file containes 6 lines (Codepage 1251):

 Николай Петрович ТРУБЛАИНИ
 Ч А С Т Ь П Е Р В А Я
 Ветер налетел неожиданно. С неимоверной быстротой запенились волны. Они приближались к пароходу, стоявшему в миле от берега. Между реями мачт и в надстройках...

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