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@acer thanks a lot , I learn a lot from your documentation.

@tomleslie Thanks,I make it.

@Kitonum   Thank you for your generosity. It helps me lot.

 @sand15  Thanks ! I will consider your advise.

@vv  So, I want to aviod  this way Graphs_data:=[NonIsomorphicGraphs(4,restrictto =[connected], output = graphs, outputform =graph)]:  Since  the n=9  we already have 261080 graphs , but  
diameter 2 graphs are not many when n=9

@Joe Riel  These are really two different  questions,  In [1,1,2,2].   1 is  the second in my original intention. 

@mmcdara  I have realized your ideas. It is convenient to use your way test  for C4 or Kq. 

@vvthank you very much .It really helped me a lot

@tomleslie Thank you very much for the code you provided, which is exactly what I need. Maybe the algorithmIt's a little bit more complicated.

@Kitonum Thanks.  But it is a pity that  It doesn't solve my problem.
The difficult point is how to research the specific graph.

@sand15  What you said inspired me a lot. May be I should change  strategy .

@tomleslie  Thanks you first,  Just, in mathematica, I create it.  So I  hope Maple may improve it in the future.

@dharr I try it, and  make it. Thank you very much.

@sand15 I am very thanks to you for this act of kindness

@Carl Love thanks sir

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