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The 'with' command is meant to be used at the top level only, i.e. outside any procedures.

In your procedure VeHinhNemXien, omit the 'with' calls and use the "long form" plots:-animate and plottools:-exportplot instead, just as you did with FileTools:-JoinPath etc.

Unfortunately, Maple does not issue a warning when this frequent mistake is being made. The maplemint checker does, but is not always applicable.

Try and see whether that edit has any impact on your GIF file creation issue.

I'm getting the expected true result here. Do you have any add-ons or third-party libraries installed?

Also, it seems the last sentence of your post was cut off after "in" - please check.


This outputs the numerator first:

A := (cos(sqrt(2)*t)-cos(omega*t))/(omega^2-2);

So it's not really what you asked for, but you might still find it useful.

@Carl Love It is actually possible to access equation labels from other worksheets. Entering ?interdocument brings up the related help page. Just a side remark; your answer is pretty much what the TO expects, I guess.

@Thomas Dean Adding the newly installed fonts to the font path / font server configuration should be sufficient. Don't know about Ubuntu 16.04, but try "xset q" for querying. I dislike unnecessary reboots. ;-)

Ubuntu has probably changed the naming of network devices, or their mapping to MAC addresses, so your license file has become invalid. If you send your Purchase Code and output of "ifconfig -a" to our customer service group, they can provide you with a new file.

If that error appears upon starting Maple, please follow our FAQs for Windows or Mac OS X.

In case that does not help (or if you are running Linux), please contact our technical support group.

Linux users might also check out this FAQ, but it's a different (and rare) situation.

Maple 2016 introduced a new package that is superior. Please see here for all new features. On my laptop:

teks := CodeTools:-Usage(Term(ContinuedFraction(M1/M2),0..8));
memory used=210.58KiB, alloc change=0 bytes, cpu time=0ns, real time=5.00ms, gc time=0ns
           teks := [109, 101, 115, 115, 97, 103, 101]

Maple 2016 returns 0 for both integrals.

If you don't want to upload your files to MaplePrimes, please send them to Otherwise the problem cannot be reproduced, I'm afraid.

Please include version numbers of Excel, Maple, Windows. And wordsize - since Office 2010, there are both 32-bit and 64-bit Excel variants.

It's probably best to output to EPS and convert that to PDF (via GhostScript / GSview e.g.).

That export can also be done programmatically, i.e. non-interactively. Some code to get you started:

plotsetup(default); # to switch back to screen output

Please see ?plotsetup, ?plot,device and ?plot,ps for more details and options.

There is a colon missing in your assignment of [eqd1, eqd2, eqd3, l(0) = 50, g(0) = 50, s(0) = 0.02] to sysdif. Use the := operator for that.

A single = character forms an equation, so Maple won't issue any warning message here.

After fixing that typo, you can obtain plots such as


For me, Maple 2016 was added automatically in the correct position (right under Maple 2015). I suggest that you send your install log file to

Do you have any desktop icon / taskbar icon for Maple 2016?

This can be achieved by simplify with the 'symbolic' option (see ?simplify,details):


Please see the docs under ?odetest: for verifying series solutions, you will need to add the 'series' option. It will then return FAIL and a warning message if you supply an ODE only. This is because it needs initial conditions. Simplest case:

ic1 := T(0) = 0:
ic2 := D(T)(0) = 0:
ivp := [ode, ic1, ic2]:
Sol__ivp := dsolve(ivp, T(r), 'series');
odetest(Sol__ivp, ivp, 'series');

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