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@John Fredsted 


I’m glad you are considering becoming a beta-tester! The beta-testing program was designed to help us elicit candid feedback, kudos and critiques, from our users. Let me assure you that the feedback we receive greatly helps us improve our products. Rest assured that we don’t alter or restrict posts made by our testers unless they contain obscene or offensive language or are blatantly disrespectful towards other users.

Thanks for the feedback, Lin.

I've forwarded your bug report to our developers.

Please feel free to use the Submit Software Change Request link under the Navigation/Create Post menu to report other problems to us.


Karishma Punwani


In regards to your comments in #9 and #10, try the following:

# 9 - To get results for vectorpostfix, you have to change the search to a Text search.  When you do this, 3 results are returned, the first of which is Physics,Setup.

# 10 - The search facility in Maple 13 has been updated so that a user can search for a page using it's Title. As a result, searching for Numerical Integration will bring up the ?evalf/Int help page.

Karishma Punwani

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