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@Mariusz Iwaniuk just asking about Maple 2020.

yeah too now getting this solution. Do you have the maple 2020? kindly share with my email:

My query is regarding the error coming in my running worksheet. Eqn was

>kdv := {diff(phi,x), diff(phi,t), t*diff(phi,x)+diff(phi,u), x*diff(phi,x)+3*t*diff(phi,t)-2*u*diff(phi,u)}; 

Initially I described my phi as


So I searched about the type and description.


which gives a long list. Not able to understand. Kindly help it out!


@acer just searching but didn't found any solution. So, sorry  will post here only

did anyone found something!

@MrYouMath Read your query regarding the article "ONEOptimal: A Maple Package for Generating One-Dimensional Optimal System of Finite Dimensional Lie Algebra" package download. I already contacted the author but he didn't reply. Do you have the package?

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