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These are questions asked by student_md

We can see the context of  Matlab code in the Windows preview pane as follows, but we can' t see the context of Maple codes.

I wonder whether it is possible for Maple, too or not. Is there any method to achieve this? Because it really offers a great advantage for the fast browsing context of code in a folder that includes a lot of maple files.


(I use Maple 2019 and Windows 10)




I try to write a Maple Code. But I can' t finish it. 

This is very important for me. Could you help me? download_Maple


I think we will write nested for loops or nested sequences. But I can' t achieve.

Could you help me?


In fact, the original question is as follows:


where it is a standard inner product on L^2 and u(x,t) is a function. For example; u(x,t) =x*t etc.

(The screenshots is taken from a book)

I want to write a code for finding Matrix U whose elements are u_ij.

U:=Matrix( (2^(k))*M,(2^(k))*M,symbol=u);

I defined a matrix U.

How to define all elements of the Matrix U is greater than 1? ( U consists of symbolic elements like u[1,1],u[1,2], etc. and all of them is greater than 1 )

PDE :=  diff(y(x,t), t)-diff(y(x,t), x,x,t)-diff(y(x,t), x$2)+ diff(y(x,t), x)+y(x,t)*diff(y(x,t),x)=exp(-t)*(cos(x)-sin(x)+1/2*exp(-t)*sin(2*x));

# Initial/boundary conditions 
  BCs:=y(0,t) = 0, y(Pi,t)=0;
  ICs:=y(x,0) =sin(x) ;

pdsolve(PDE, {BCs,ICs});
Test1:=pdetest(exact_solution,[PDE, BCs,ICs]); 

The solution of the PDE is exp(-t)*sin(x).

I want to check whether it is right or not by Maple. 

I wrote the code. You can download the  

But, the code doesn' t work. What is the problem?



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