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@acer Thank you very much for the help, i will try it out and yes expand and coeff is valid.


The point of the exercise is to do it by maple and not use functions that use gcd. Although I didn't list normal(), I'm pretty sure it calculates gcd.

@Thomas Richard -1/(y - 1) - y/(y - 1) - y^2 - 2*y - 1 + y^3/(y - 1) + y^2/(y - 1) so this is one of my coefficients of x (x^5), and when simplified it should be 0, but i cant use factor(), denom(), numer(), simplify() and probably some others. And i am running this through subresultant algoritm which will give me incorrect degree of polynomials when i calculate them, since it will still return a degree of 5 when its really 3 (coefficient of x^4 is also 0). So yeah looking for a way to simplify things like this.

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