I'm having a ton of trouble trying to insert a picture into a post.  I got it to work the other night however it's not a simple 1 step procedure.  First I upload the jpg file using the file manager which inserts a red x on the body of text then I have to click on the red x and click the insert edit image button for the picture to actually appear in the post before I post the message. 

Today I've tried it a half dozen times and the red x will no longer refresh into a picture, and the jpg file I'm trying to upload keeps getting appended to a link to a pdf file I uploaded earlier. 

Also can not delete files you've uploaded.  By now I have uploaded the same file about a dozen times and they now appear as uploaded files in my files folder.  This could have something to the fckedit  operation that seems to be working when I'm trying to upload a file.  Funny how that editor is named fckedit looks very similar to an offending word probably rightfully so seeing how wonderful it works.  Yes I'm being sarcastic. 

So to summarize, inserting pictures is terrible in mapleprimes and there's no way to delete files you've uploaded.  Perhaps this will change in the future.

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