I've been using Maple 12 on a Mac for a few months and came up with some suggestions:

(1) make it possible to add one's own symbol combinations to the Favorites palette

(2) allow symbols in the Favorites palette to be re-arranged

(3) permit redefining key-bindings so the Home/End keys send the cursor to the beginning/end of the current line, as on the PC (and in this posting box), etc.

(4) have keyboard equivalents for basic actions, e.g. Esc for the Cancel button, Cmd-[ or equiv. for the PreviousPage button, etc.

(5) make the cursor more visible by adding triangles top and bottom, or adding a transparent colored block around it, or equiv.

(6) in Tutorials, once the Zoom level is adjusted as desired have it persist going to Next or Previous pages

(7) make the minus sign `-` the same size as the plus sign `+`

(8) in the Dictionary provide references to the Maple commands where it is mostly used

(9) broaden the Search capabilities in Help.  Two examples: the term `vectorpostfix` appears in Physics[Setup], and the term `Numerical Integration` has a Help page all its own, but when typed in a Search box both terms resulted in `No Matches Found`

(10) increase connections between Help topics - the topics are still too compartmentalized.  Information about a topic can be hard to find when its exact name is unknown - e.g. info on numerical integration is in `evalf/Int`, but I had to stumble on it.  An expanded Search capability would have helped.

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