suppose i have an ode system:  ip(t)+Cp*(diff(vp(t), t)) = 0, Lm*(diff(im(t), t)) = vs(t), Lp*(diff(ip(t), t))+vs(t) = vp(t), ip(t) = im(t)+Cs*(diff(vs(t), t)), im(0) = Ip1, ip(0) = Ip1, vs(0) = 0, vp(0) = 0

  i solve this system by dsolvecommand, the results contain "exp((1/2)*sqrt(-2*Lp*Cp*Lm^2*Cs^2-2*Lp*Cp^2*Lm^2*Cs-2*Lp^2*Cp^2*Lm*Cs-2*Lp*Cp*Lm*Cs*sqrt(Lm^2*Cs^2+2*Lm^2*Cs*Cp-2*Lp*Cp*Lm*Cs+Cp^2*Lm^2+2*Cp^2*Lm*Lp+Lp^2*Cp^2))*t/(Lp*Cp*Lm*Cs)) " ,this is not i want , i hope the results display the form of trigonometric function.

 so how could i do this in maple, pls help me.

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