Is there a "getting started with mapleprimes" message somewhere?

I usually post very silly messages that require no formatting whatever, but lately I've been trying to post maple output, pictures, and so on. I see these great posts with all this great stuff inserted, so I know it's possible to do all that. I'd like to learn how to do it too. I have managed to find the (I guess you would call it) "mapleprimes uploader", thanks to google, and I have also managed to upload files there, as the instructions on that page are very clear.

I have also managed to upload a .mw file and convert to html for insertion into my posts. All this pretty much without needing to read a "getting started with mapleprimes" introduction to newbies message.

But now I have reached the limits of my inventiveness. I can upload a maple worksheet with output removed, but if I want to show some of the output within my posting and try to upload the worksheet with the output displayed, the worksheet is (typically) too big to be uploaded. This is especially true if the worsheet contains pictures -- the worksheet is too large and won't get uploaded. Now I can insert a picture into a normal post (like this one) by clicking on the "Insert/Edit image" icon above, but I don't know how to insert an image in the middle of a maple worksheet converted to html format, if you see what I mean. In other words, I have much to learn about how to use mapleprimes.

So is there a "getting started with mapleprimes" message somewhere? many thanks!!

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