I believe that the basic language in which the Maplesoft writers

code Maple is Java.  That means that the programmers at Maplesoft

had to have written TONS of Java classes, such as LinearAlgebra,

with lots of methods, such as resultants and determinants.

I would think they would have posted these Java classes into the Java library

at java.sun.com/javase//6/docs/api.  But, when I go to this website, and look under java.lang.math, I see only the simplest math functions: a few trig and logs and exps. - nothing anywhere close to the complexity and variety of functions available

in Maple and Mathematica.  Am I looking in the wrong place?

If the programmers at Maplesoft HAVEN'T posted these Java classes, why not?  Is it to guarantee themselves money?  Not saying that's wrong - I just need to know whether I need to re-invent the wheel in Java or not.   And, aside from the MapleSoft and Wolfram Research people, I find it hard to believe that at least one out of the thousands of mathematicians and computer science professors on this planet had not coded and made publicly available at the Java website above

all these specialized math classes.

I love Maple, but nobody else - except those who purchased Maple - can run my Maplets.  I hate Java, but at least it's free and universal.

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