I wonder if it is possible to add the capability of computing the Bivariate Meijer G

function which is defined by means of a two-fold contour integral in the complex plane [1].

This is a very interesting possibility, indeed, because, as it is well known, the integral of

the product of three Meijer G functions  can be expressed in closed form by means of the bivariate

Meijer G function. Many useful integrals can be computed in this way. For the time being, I am a

Maple 10 user, however I am not informed about whether such a feature was added in Maple 11 or 12.

It should also be noted that Mathematica provides a Meijer G function of two variables, however this is

defined by means of a single contour integral and in fact can be expressed via conventional Meijer G functions.

[1] Agarwal, R.P.: An extension of Meijer's G-function. Proc. Nat. Inst. Sci. India, Part A 31,. 536- 546 (1965)


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