The MaplePrimes file manager is a feature that makes it easy for people to share their files with each other. With just a few clicks, you can post an attractive image, an HTML version of a Maple worksheet or even a fully interactive worksheet on MapleNet. Read on for the details on how to use this tool:

You can upload many different types of files to MaplePrimes. By uploading them to the site, you can share the files with people worldwide.

Currently files with the following extensions can be uploaded: doc, dvi, eps, gif, gz, hdb, html, ind, jpeg, jpg, lib, m, mla, mm, mpl, mw, mws, pdf, png, ppt, ps, tar, tex, tgz, txt, xls, zip

If you aren't already there, go to to use the File Manager. To upload a file, click on the Browse button and navigate to the file you wish to upload and double click on the file. Click the Upload button.


An uploaded worksheet

After you have uploaded the file, it will appear at the top of your list of files. You will see that a number is placed at the front of the filename. This number is your user ID number and is placed there to avoid users overwriting each other's files. You can download the file by clicking on the filename.

All files uploaded using the file manager have a bit of code listed under Download Link Code. You can copy (CTRL+C) and paste (CTRL+V) the code into any posting on MaplePrimes (Blog Entry, Forum Post, or Comment). This will put into your post links for the user to Download the file.

Extra options are given when you upload a Maple worksheet or an Image file. Read the below sections for information on these features.

When you upload a file to MaplePrimes, you can choose if you want to be public or private. Private files are not shown in lists of recently uploaded files. And users other than the original upload cannot view the detail page for that file. If you choose to include a link to the file in a posting on the site, users will still be able to download the file even if the file is marked as private.

If you wish to change the privacy of a file, click on the "Set Private" or "Set Public" link in the right hand column of the file manager.

After you have uploaded a worksheet to MaplePrimes, you can share it using tools provided by MaplePrimes and MapleNet. Worksheets are automatically converted to HTML so that you may post them anywhere on MaplePrimes, and they are also copied to a MapleNet server where users can interact with them just like in Maple using only a web browser.


An uploaded worksheet

For any worksheet that you have uploaded, You can click on the filename to download the file "View HTML version" or "Get HTML version" to view or get the HTML version of the file or "View Live Worksheet" to view the worksheet on MapleNet.

To view a worksheet using MapleNet, just click on the View Live Worksheet link. This will direct you to the Maplesoft MapleNet server where you can interact with the worksheet very much like you do within Maple.

You can manipulate embedded components play animations rotate, scale and zoom plots and expand and collapse worksheet sections.


Live worksheet on MapleNet

Click on Get HTML version to convert the worksheet to HTML. This will give you a page that displays the worksheet in HTML form and lists the HTML code for the worksheet at the bottom of the page. In order to post this worksheet, select all of the code and copy (CTRL+C) it to your clipboard.


HTML code for worksheet

Now click on Post Forum Topic or Post Blog Entry under the left hand Navigation menu.

Enter a title for your post, scroll down and paste (CTRL+V) the contents of the HTML code into the Body text field. Under Input format, choose Worksheet HTML. This allows all of the tags used in the HTML to work correctly.


Choose Worksheet HTML under Input Format

Finally scroll down and click on Submit. You will then be shown the result of your post.


HTML Posting

When you upload an image to MaplePrimes the download link code is changed to the code required to display the image in a post. Also, a thumbnail version of your image is displayed to help you find the right picture


An uploaded image

To insert the thumbnail version of the image into a blog entry or forum post, just copy (CTRL+C) the code and then paste (CTRL+V) it into the entry box where you would like it to appear.


An image inserted into a blog entry

If you wish to insert different sizes of your image into a posting, click on "Get code for different sizes". This will display three different sizes of your image and the code required to display the image. Copy the code and paste into your posting anywhere on the site.

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