Some mailing systems are down.  So anyone sending a message from mapleprimes won't recieve it until the systems are back online, which could be a few days (rather quite annoying).  Other mailing systems go down at various times as well. 

Rest assured, before, as long as you could log into mapleprimes, you could message any mapleprime member and at least you knew who that person was.  As with the new primes if in your own hotmail, gmail, sympatico mail account you get a message from a mapleprimes member whose name is different and you wouldn't recognize and therefore you might possibly delete it without opening or even classify it as spam. 

Also, the new mapleprimes is frustrating.  Old posts being tagged and popping in as recent posts, new comments being added without being brought to the front as new activity, and questions that are labelled with 3 answers but have 20 replies.  Why would I open a question if the answer remained at 3 however I'd be quite surprised to find 20 posted replies ... very strange and signs of a system not working well.  In fact I don't usually open a question if I don't see a higher number of new answers.  It was a nice benchmark to see anything new was added to a question.

So at least to make some peace of mind, it would be helpful and maybe even beneficial, for mapleprimes to bring back it's message system. 


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