I'd like to suggest another improvement to cut down on noise in the result of a Mapleprimes Search.

At present, the appearance of a searched keyword in summary pages for tag hits causes those summary pages to be included in the search results. Maybe an example would help explain it:

Do an internal Mapleprimes Search for the word convex. Some of the pages with "convex" in their title are included in the results (which is fine). But some of the pages with "convex" in the title also have tags on them. And the Search engine's indexer is looking at all the results from every possible tag search, and recording every one of the summary pages "Index of pages with tag blah" which just happens to list the tagged page with "convex" in the title. The consequence is that a large amount (half?) of the "convex" Search results are these false leads. And they are not needed, as the indirectly reference page is surely also indexed anyway, directly.

The tweak would be to not have the main Search indexer look at the tag results-list pages. By doing so it is indexing lots of duplicates, as indirect references.

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