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i have tried Maple help but could not find any answers.

would appreciate some help on how to construct an algorithm for a Pell's equation with D = 29 (x^2 - D*y^2 = 1)

That is x^2 - 29*y^2 = 1.

i know that there is an infinite number of solutions, but would appreciate the first 5.

(x_1, y_1), (x_2, y_2), ... , (x_5, y_5)

many thanx,


I want to find the first positive and first negative root of a bessel function

j2 := (x, a) -> k(x)^2*a^2*(diff((diff(1000000000*sin(1/1000000000*k(x)*a)/(k(x)*a), x))/(k(x)*a), x))/(k(x)*a)

I couldn't use the built in bessel function with two variables, so I had to enter it by hand.


I want to find the values of x where j2 is zero as a function of a:

f := (a) -> RootOf(j2(x, a), x, 0 .. 2)

plot(f(a), a = 2 .. 2.25, y = -3 .. 3)

Why the command


does not return eps???

How can I simplify expressions like this?

after do some correction still have error some later part....please give the commmen...


> restart;

> X:=<1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10>:

> Y:=<3.7,9.39,23.09,58.60,153.41,309.43,1103.63,2988.98,1112.08,22036.47>:

> eqn:=a*x+exp(b*x):

> solution:=Statistics:-Fit(eqn,X,Y,x,output=parametervalues);

My problem is to find the right equation to get the best plot to the data shown below, please commen on it


> restart;

> with(CurveFitting):with(plots);

Warning, the name changecoords has been redefined

Warning, the previous binding of the name Interactive has been removed and it now has an assigned value



> datax:=...

I used the answer given in maple 10,  the error below happened, can you commen on it



> X:=<1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10>:

> Y:=3.7,9.39,23.09,58.60,153.41,309.43,1103.63,2988.98,1112.08,22036.47>:

Error, `:` unexpected

> eqn:=a*x+exp(b*x):

> solution:=Statistics:-fit(eqn,X,Y,x,output=parametervalues);

help_for_maple_quest.docplease give a explain how to work for operations.



I have this sequence which I would like to find an equation f(n) (using RSolve?).

the independant variable is n.

n=4,5,6....inf (incrementing by 1)


(an even number followed by three subsequent odds and so forth)



In the Belgium lottery they pick 6 numbers out of 42   (  there can't be 2 equals numbers being picked out )
Now for my maple homework , i must do some exercices in maple

1 ) Simulate the lottery
2 ) If you partici

Create new document (or worksheet) with content below and execute it step by step: > restart; > Eval(diff(v(z),z),z=H)==eval(diff(v(z),z),z=H); Eval(diff(v(z),z),z=H)=diff(v(H),H) > v:=z->z*H; v:=z->z*H > value((1)); H=2H As you can see, result of eval, which in this case is equivalent to subs(z=H,diff(v(z),z)), at the right side of first equation leads to wrong final result :( This...

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