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I have problem because mserver.exe stopped working


Yesterday that file was working very well.


help me please



Good Morning.

I would like to know where Maple is statistics compared with other software. As a justification for the thesis i am doing. I found a page, but a report in 2008. I wish something more recent.






I am trying to solve for fourier coefficients but can't figure out the error in the code. Need help to debug the code.

Also if possible how to find the harmonics in the curve defined in the code.

following is the website from where i got this code


I am struggling with simple multiplication shown in the attached file:

Is there any specific multiplication command I should use. 

Pls guide me in respect of how to make plot after multiplying A and B

Thanks in advance




Good afternoon

i have problem when i am using components.

i want to solve a determinant equation and show in MathContainer4


thank you for your help



I have a set of nonlinear and coupled PDEs for a cable actuated system. I want to transfer this set to a set of ODEs and write it down in Matrix form. I used Galerkin's method and derived the ODEs in discritized form. I have a problem in converting this set of equation into a matrix form like "Mq"+Cq'+Kq=F". The derived equations are very complicated and contains some nonlinear terms. One of the three equations looks like this:


I have a problem.

I solved a problem, but i like to get one solution for one variable.

i send my project.

help me

Hi Dr. Kamel Boughrara,

I have a question,  I know phi = B*A, but in code i can't understand a part of it, can you kindly explain it in engineering terms.  

kindly see the attach file for phi.

Second question

why e-->sum(factor(e(t)),n=1..100), wht this means, 

Hi Dr. Kamel Boughrara,

I have question regrding the analytical solution in section 3.3,  I am attaching a file.   Question is regarding  the programming you did, does it has any effect on the solution.  Because i tried to change the values for p, and other variables but could't see the effect.

Also wht the following variable means;

Good morning.

I want to do a program in a worksheet that it can recall other workeet for plotting with display.

I don´t know how can recall other worksheets.

Please help me.

P.D.: I send a worksheet

comn := choose([u, v, mu, nu], 2):

def := seq(seq(seq(Physics[`.`](Dagger(Ket(aa, k)), Ket(bb, m)) = Physics[`.`](Ket(bb, m), Dagger(Ket(aa, k))), `in`(aa, comn[i][1])), `in`(bb, comn[i][2])), i = 1 .. nops(comn)), seq(seq(seq(Dagger(Physics[`.`](Dagger(Ket(aa, k)), Ket(bb, m)) = Physics[`.`](Ket(bb, m), Dagger(Ket(aa, k)))), `in`(aa, comn[i][1])), `in`(bb, comn[i][2])), i = 1 .. nops(comn));

d1 := Physics[`.`...

I wrote a loop which is too long but I need its continuity so I wrote all of them in one loop.
The problem is too much time is needed to run it,even maple cannot run it.
I do not know whether my software has a problem or the way I wrote the program is wrong.
I attached the file.

Like in the version 7 where that variable didn't exist.

Hi, friends

The physics package was provided a good tool to compute Commutator or anticommutator relations. Here, I met some problems.

Example 1:

      restart: with(Physics):Setup(mathematicanotaion=true):

      Setup (op={p[x],p[y]},p[z]):

      alg:=%commutator(p[z],p[x])=2p[x], %commutator(p[z],p[y])=-2p[y], %commutator(p[x],p[y])= p[z]

Hi All,

Is using the NAG package the right way to go about creating the delaunay triangulation of a set of points in 3 dimensions. My points all lie on a surface in R^3.


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