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> restart:
> sys := TransferFunction(1/((1+0.1*s)(1+0.002*s+0.0001*s^2)));
> BodePlot(sys,range=10^(-1)..10^(3));

I get the following warning:
             Warning, transfer-function(s) are not rational-polynomial(s) in s

Why?.. How can I make it work without any warning?

Thanks everybody for help!


with(OrthogonalExpansions) not working in Maple 15 (work in Maple 14). What is the equivalent package for FourierSeries calculations?

Thanks in advance

Kamel Boughrara


How can i delete a row in a (2D) Matrix?


Thanks,   (Mohsen)

Sleep Sort is a hilarious (to me anyway) joke dressed up as a sorting algorithm.

Here it is in non-obfuscated (if somewhat garbagey) Maple code (need version 15 since it uses ?Threads,Sleep )

SleepSort := proc(L::list(posint),$)
local Lout, p, i;
    Lout := NULL;

    p := proc(n::posint,$)
        Lout := Lout, n;
    end proc:

    Threads:-Wait( seq( Threads:-Create( p(i...

Hello friends,


I have tried to linearize three nonlinear equations which are coupled in the form of:






the ai, bi, ci parameters are constant parameters and x1, x2, x3 are variables (states). also, u(1) and u(2) are inputs to the system. xdot(i) is the derivative form of xi.

I am not able to use the Maple 15, because after it starts up, I receive an error ""the kernel loader cannot find Maple engine..."

What does it means and how to solve it?


Defined a demand function:


The Slutsky Matrix is calculated as Dpx(p,w) + Dwx(p,w) x(p,w)^T with Dpx(p,w) = Jacobian for p1, p2, p3 and Dwx(p,w) is a column vector of the derivate of x1, x2, x3 in respect to w.

Step by step:

Dxp := Jacobian(x(p,w),[p[1],p[2],p[3]])

yields the correct Jacobian.

For Dwx I've tried several different methods, i.e.

Dwx := Jacobian(x(p,w),[w...


I am in need of help with Maple Linearize and an exremely crypitc and most un-helpful error message. What does this mean:

> linmod := Linearize(syss, parm, linp);
Error, invalid input: Linearize uses a 4th argument, linpoint (of type {list(`=`), set(`=`)}), which is missing

I can find nothing in the help in this.

Linearize works fine when running a sample program from the help files, but fails when I run my equations.  

Could you tel me, is it possible to get free trial version of Maple 15?


The Magma package introduced in Maple 15 includes the command Enumerate. This routine allows you to count, or list, isomorphism class representatives of magmas of a given (small) order satisfying a selection of properties that...

Hello all,

I've noticed that something has changed to the type of sqrt in Maple 15, which breaks backward compatibility...

In Maple 14, we have

> type(sqrt,procedure);          true
> type(sqrt,`module`); false
> eval(sqrt);          proc(x::algebraic, f::identical(symbolic))  ...  end proc

while in Maple 15, we have

> type(sqrt,procedure);          false
> type(sqrt,`module`); true

I'm putting together what will eventually be a rather large simulation system that I want to be able to maintain across a reasonably large organization. Do you have any recommendations for Source Code Control/Versioning systems that work with your .msim file format or should I resign our team to exporting/importing code back and forth into Modelica for source control?



Can anyone explain the method that was followed in "Box Discretization" scheme in Maple Help?

Am trying to discretize 4th order terms in space..... d^h/dX^4 and third and second order in the same way....

The Magma package in Maple 15 includes the command IsSubMagma.  This tests whether a specified subset of a magma is closed under the binary operation that defines the magma.  For example, consider the following Cayley table for a group of order four.

> with( Magma ):
> m := << 1, 2, 3, 4 |

Hi there,

I am plotting flow diagrams of a 2-dimensional system of autonomous 1st order ODEs x'=f(x). I have some free parameters in there, and am analyzing how the flow changes qualitatively when varying these.

To visualise my results I want to do some animations. The Explore command doesn't seem to like the DEplot command, or I am doing something wrong. So I use the animate command, which works fine, although I can only vary a single parameter with it.

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