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[> restart;
[> OPTIMAL:=proc(f,Condition::set)
local vars,L,S,SS,k,m,K,Fmax,Fmin,sol_min,sol_MIN,sol_max,sol_MAX;
vars:=indets(f,name) union indets(Condition,name);
for k to nops(k) do if solve(K[k])<>NULL then
extrema(f,K[k],vars,'s||k'):S:=S,a||values(s||k):fi od:
for k to nops([s]) do
if type(s[k],set) then SS:=SS union evalc(s[k]) fi od;
for k to nops(ss) do if type(SS[k],set(equation)) and
then S:=S,vatue(ss[k]) fi od;
SS =[s];
for k to nops(SS) do
if evalf(simplify(subs(ss[k],f)))>evalf(Fmax)
then Fmax:=simplify(value(subs(SS[k],f)));sol_max:=SS[k]; fi;od;
for k to nops(SS) do
if Fmax=simplify(value(subs(SS[k],f)))
and (SS[k] minus sol_max)<>{} then
sol_MAX:=sol_MAX,Ss[k] fi od;
for k to nops(SS) do
if evalf(simplify((subs(SS[k],f))))<evalf(Fmin)
then Fmin:=simplify((subs(SS[k],f)));sol_min:=SS[k]; fi;od;
for k to nops(SS) do
if Fmin=simplify(value(subs(SS[k],f)))
and (SS[k] minus sol_min)<>{} then
sol_MIN:=sol_MlN,SS[k] fi od;
end: ↵

" Error, unable to match delimiters"
  Please, help me.
I don't understand. Thank you, thank you.


Am trying to convert a vector projection to matrix type output.

Attached is a sample worksheet. 


I was asked to transform (x+y)^2+(1)/x+y into ((x+y)^3+1)/x+y, I have tried nomer/denom, but i don't how to factorise the nomer bit into (x+y)^3+1 because maple factorise it differently by default. therefore, it would be grateful if anyone can help me with this...please?

Hello everyone,

I have a system of PDEs






Hello everyone,

I saw a question on a different forum related to the stability of the numerical solution of a coupled ode system. The original question was about the convergence of the far field condition (infinity) for some specific values of the different parameters involved.  For the details please see the link below



 I wish to solve nonlinear PDE equation numerically  in u & v coordinate . where u=t-x, v=t+x . we note x=(v-u)/2.. 

pde := diff(u(t,x),t,t) - diff(u(t,x),x,x) + x^2*u(t,x);  


 We need only initial condition let f(u)=sech(u) & g(v)=sech(v). So u((i,0)=f(ih), u(0,j)=g(jh) 

we summe step size of time j =  step size of spatial i .

the stencil we use , 

Hello All 

I looking to write Maple code procedure to solve this equation 

pde := diff(psi(t,x),t,t) - diff(psi(t,x),x,x) + V(x)*psi(t,x);

where V(x)->x^2;

I have to use this stencil 

u[i+1,j]=-u[i-1,j1]+(1-1/8*h^2*v[i-1])*u[i,j-1]+(1-1/8*h^2*v[i+1])*u[i,j+1]; where i is spatial step and j is time step



How do i "show region ranges" on mac. on windows you just press F9 but you cant on mac??

Hi, I’ve recently begun using Maple 16. I just discovered a problem when trying to open my saved files. I can’t open them directly form the folder where they are saved, I get a Message saying: File could not be found, please select another file. I can accsess the same file through the recent files form within the application.

It is not a shortcut, but the original file I'm trying to open.
If it matters, I'm using windows 8 

Hello every one,

While plotting contours with grid size [200,200] my computer consume too much time to

execute the commond. To have an idea, the current process which I am running right now already

took 2380.22s and 68.60M and still its on.

Any suggestion to make the contour plot process faster?


I recently purchased a new MacBook Pro (retina) with Mountain Lion and found that my Maple 12 programs would not run.  So I updated to Maple 16.  Initially all seemed to work well.  But now when i try to open a Maple .mw file, I get the message

"File could not be found.  Please select a different file."

What has happened and how can I get my programs working again?


I created a Maplet that calculates ODE (Ordinary Differential Equations) however I would like to create a button that can allow printing on paper

I am using an old package, Janet, I got from with Maple 16.

I changed the libname to point to the directory where the package files are.

Few days ago I was able to call help(Janet); without any problems but now everytime I try to call help(Janet)

Maple front-end loses connection to the ihe Maple kernel.

The package loads fine...


I've bought NAG C Library for my mac in order to use it in Maple.

However, it seems that Maple doesn't know where to search for it.
Indeed, it returns

Error, (in NAG:-h03abc) external linking: error loading external library libnagc_nag.dylib: dlopen(libnagc_nag.dylib, 129): image not found 

I've installed NAG C Library in usr/Library


Thank you very much for your help 

I have managed to download data for Nasdaq, NYSE and Amex in Maple. However,
my problem is how do I store the data in a txt file on my desktop in the most optimal way.
I want an mpl file so I can schedul the task manager to run the file each day in the background.
This is as far as I have come:


CSV := proc (Url) local theDLL, URLDownloadToFile, myDirectory, myFile, Destination, DL;


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