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The basic plot routine in Maple 16 has a serious problem with the domain.  The following is an example.

The domain is correct in Maple 15.  This failure occurs in both Windows 7 and Linux.

I have been generating graphics in Maple 16 using the plotsetup(ps,...) command under Windows 7 and Linux.  Maple tech support has a fix for Linux and has confirmed that there is a bug in the Windows version.  These are a Windows eps (converted to png for uploading) and png of the same figure.  The eps conversion should not do this.

Hi, i'm interested about parallel programming in maple but i cant find a good tutorial. is there anyone know a good refrence for this topic?


I want to parallel the following is good that part1 solved by one thread and part2 solved by other thread.

please help must be noted that part1 and part 2 are independent "at each" iteration.


dtheta[m](x):= theta[m-1](x)+phi[m-1](x);
dphi[m](x):= theta[m-1](x)-2*phi[m-1](x);

for i from 2 by 1 to 10 do;

# part1


There is a utilde on the Latin pallette, among others. How do I get xtilde as a variable?

I want to create a simple executable bat fil.

1) When I click on it maple should launch in the background (I dont want to see maple open)
2) Then Maple should open a txt file located on the desktop (containing a 1), read the file
and save  a new txt file on the desktop containing the number in the previous fil +1.

How can this be done?

i study a simple differential equations as follow and get the solution,but i faced two warning which puzzle me:

> restart;
> eq2 := diff(x(t), t) = x(t), diff(y(t), t) = x(t)^2+y(t)^2-1;
   ans1 := dsolve({eq2, x(0) = 1, y(0) = -1}, numeric, [x(t), y(t)], range = -10 .. 10)       ;

Warning, cannot evaluate the solution further left of -1.1646698, probably a singularity

I am planning to use the "schedual task" in windows to try to launch
maple in the background (run under some different user account)
to do some computations.

For this pupose I have designed a little counter that is located in the
Start up code region:

for i from 0 to 100 do
if DataTable1(1, 1)=i then DataTable1(1,1):=i+1:  break; end if:
end do:

the DataTale will tell me how many times the worksheet has been opened
just to check...

I came across a thing that does not make sense in Maple. If you click on:

Then you will get a csv-file.

Now if you download and save that file on your computer then you can open it with:

Does anyone know if you can schedual a task in maple ie at 12:00 add a number
to a matrix in a worksheet (Just an simple example to see if it is working)

In windows you can use the "Task Scheduler" to automate stuff that you need to repeat.

Also I dont want the actuall Maple software to actually launch at 12:00, I want everything to happend
in the background.

If you put the maple commands in the "start up code region" of the worksheet I guess it

I did not come across with a sorting algorithm animation that allows me to enter my own data, so I decided to write one in Maple.

In this worksheet, you can create an animation on sorting the integers that you have entered. If you let the worksheet to generate the data for you, you can specify the sortedness of the data. This feature allows you to visualize how some algorithms perform better or worse on data of a certain characteristic: The time complexity may not be...

I installed Maple 16 on Windows 7, 64 bit, french edition, last week. Everything works fine, except that suddenly the Maple 16 icon has been replaced by the anonymous exec file on windows. Tried to restart, but the icon is gone...

Does anyone else get this problem ?

I've observed different behaviour in Maple 16 when invoking the plot() command with the coords=polar option.


Here's what Maple 15 produces:






...and here is what I get in Maple 16:

Ukraine. External independent evaluation (ZNO) in 2012. Trial in Maple 16

html 3-interactive in Ukrainian:

Hi everybody:

was wondering if someone could help me figure out what change took place in Maple 16 so that the expression shown below does no longer work


It worked OK until 15



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