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We need to compute some integral, containing product of some "regular" function (e.g. gaussian)
and Dirac delta-function. The problem is that argument of delta-function is itself a function.

A simplified example is

d1:=s->int( g(x,5,0.025)*Dirac( s-f1(x) ) , x=0..infinity);

By trials and errors, we figured out that Maple runs such calculation successfully
when this function is very simple and fails in more complex cases, i.e., integration  returns zero.

Back when I was working at the University of Waterloo, I found several copies of a VHS tape sitting on a dusty bookshelf full of old Maple boxes and manuals. The tape's cover had a line drawing of Issac Newton on it and the title "Maple V: The Future of Mathematics".

There was...

Hello everybody,


I have a numerical list of points' coordonées defined as :

{P1,P2,P3, ...}

where P1 is defined by [r,theta,phi] radius, azimut, elevation.

Can I plot this in a cartesian coords whitout calculing X=r*cos()*sin() .... ?



I have a parametric function which represent an angle and parameters are angles too.


I plot theta whith plot3d but when theta become inferior to -90°, maple draw a gap of 180°

How can I plot theta without gap ?




i have manged to plot a 2d and a 3d phaseportrait. not my question is how i can add a line to the plot in order to show the zero isocline lines in the same plot?
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