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I am preparing a Slideshow with Maple 2018.2
I want to use a small laptop to do the presentation with MaplePlayer 2018.1 without purchasing and installing the hole stuff.

The presentation contains some 3d animated plots controlled by some DocumentTools,Components,Button components just
to start and stop the animations during my talk.

The Player dont appear to run (!!!)  the worksheet at startup, so the Plot components dont get an identity and the Button components dont get the Plot components identity neither to set their "play" property. As a consequence Button components appear useless.

Is there any mean to make this work?


Hi folks,

I've just now installed Maple player, and I find it crashes immediately when I run it:

Exception in thread "Request id 1" java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: PERPIXEL_TRANSLUCENT translucency is not supported
        at java.awt.Window.setBackground(
        at java.awt.Frame.setBackground(
        at com.maplesoft.worksheet.application.WmiSplashScreen.<init>(Unknown Source)
        at com.maplesoft.worksheet.player.WmiPlayerStartupStrategy.showSplash(Unknown Source)
        at com.maplesoft.worksheet.application.WmiGenericStartupStrategy.doStartup(Unknown Source)
        at com.maplesoft.worksheet.player.WmiPlayerStartupStrategy.doStartup(Unknown Source)
        at com.maplesoft.application.Maple.doStartup(Unknown Source)
        at com.maplesoft.application.Application.startup(Unknown Source)
        at com.maplesoft.application.ServerProtocol$StartApplicationHandler.processCommand(Unknown Source)
        at com.maplesoft.application.ServerProtocol.executeCommand(Unknown Source)
        at com.maplesoft.application.ServerProtocol.processNextStep(Unknown Source)
        at com.maplesoft.application.ExchangeProtocol.executeProtocol(Unknown Source)
        at com.maplesoft.application.ApplicationManager$ Source)

The operating system is CentOS 7 (64 bit).   Any idea how I can fix this?



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