Question: How to use maplesim to generate several curves in one figure?



I use maplesim to simulate a simple delay system,as the document illustrated,I set the delay values from 0 to 4*Pi/(3*sqrt(3)) . I want to use a single souce to drive four branches, and use "probe" block to generate a figure which contains four curves according to different delays. So I use  a block "4-port Demultiplexer" which selected from Signal Blocks\Routing\Demultiplexers, and a block "4-port Multiplex" which selected from Signal Blocks\Routing\Multiplexers. Then the problem is rising: I cann't link them together.

I don't know what I should do, can you help me?

Best regards.


Today, I use some commands to achieve the aim:

L := [0, .8, 2*Pi/(3*sqrt(3)), 4*Pi/(3*sqrt(3))];

for tau in L do

  sys1 := TransferFunction(pade(exp(-tau*s), s, [3, 3]));

  sys2 := TransferFunction(2/(s+1));

  sys3 := SystemConnect(sys1, sys2, connection = serial);

  sys := SystemConnect(sys3, connection = negativefeedback);

  ResponsePlot(sys, Step(), duration = 20,legend=[delay=tau])

end do

I want response curves in only one picture, but the commands above yield four pictures, each picture contains one curve.

Is there any way to let them in only one picture, and each curve has different line style? 

Best regards.

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