Question: Prints on 1/4 of page

I just bought an HP 8500A 910A printer. So far every other application except Maple prints correctly and well. When I print, each (whole) page is printed in the upper left hand quarter of a letter size sheet of paper. This never happened with my old HP LaserJet 4L. After much search, there do not seem to be any setable preferences that could lead to this result.

On the HP forum, there is another user with the same problem except the application is different. However, both applications have in common that they are using Java. That might be a clue. It looks like Maple is issuing some printer code that the previous HP didn't have a problem with, but this new HP seems to take it as a command to reduce the size of the printed page. Do you at Maple have any guesses about what code is being misinterpreted?

Doea anyone know what is going on here and how to fix it?

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