Question: My problem with "set"


I have those questions:

1) set

When I write these inputs,

x:={1,3,2}; y:={b,a,d,c}; z:={a[1],a[1,1],b[0],d[0],c[0],a[0],2};

the results are x := {1, 2, 3}, y := {a, b, c, d}, z := {2, a[0], a[1], a[1,1], b[0], c[0], d[0]}

Is there a way to get what I input

2) This problem in ordering numbers and words is verry important and hard when solving a large system of equations with:

restart:with(SolveTools): eqns:=[a[0]+b[0]-5.-3*a1[0],4*a[0]-3*b[0]-2+3*a1[0],a[0]-2*b[0]-2+10*a1[0]]; vars:=[b[0],a[0],a1[0]];


The solution is a set with ordering variables

sol := {a[0] = 3.043478262, a1[0] = .7173913044, b[0] = 4.108695653}

If I have many variables (1500) with different names, I want to get the solution of variables in the same position like in vars to use it. In this case, how to get the position of each variable and identify it ?

3) Is there a way to convert a set to a vector 

4) Is there a way to get my solution with Linear as a list and not a set

Or I'm obliged to order my vars and eqns to get the solution same to my vars

Thanks for your help

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