Question: FixedPointIteration of Maple


I'm teaching numerical analysis with Maple and then I started with fixed iteration method.

When I programed the method which is simple, I got the solution as:


f := x->2*tan(x)-x-1;

g := x->arctan((1/2)*x+1/2);   # fixed point method where the solution of x=g(x) is the the solution f(x)=0

x[0] := 0.2; for k from 0 to 20 do x[k+1] := evalf(g(x[k])) end do; this line give the solution


FixedPointIteration(f(x), x = .2, tolerance = 10^(-2));  # command of maple

Error, (in Student:-NumericalAnalysis:-Roots) maximum number of iterations (100) exceeded

The commande don't give the solution. Why ?

Thanks in advance


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