Question: Sharing with maple cloud

Hi all,

To share a maple document, I found this Maple help.

To share worksheet content:
1. In Maple, open the worksheet that contains the content you want to share.
2. If you want to share a worksheet selection, select the text and objects in the worksheet. If you want to share an entire worksheet, you do not need to select any text or objects in the worksheet.
3. Expand the MapleCloud palette.
4. From the drop-down list in the palette, select the group in which to share the content.
Note: If you want to store your content in a location that is not visible to other users, select the private group.
5. In the Share your document field, enter the subject to display for the worksheet entry in the MapleCloud palette.
6. Press Enter.
7. When prompted to upload the worksheet, click OK.
8. If prompted, enter your, Gmail, or Google Mail account name and the password that you use to log into that account, and click Login.

But, I can not find in the 5 step, the field: Share your document. Where is this field ? is it in the palette ?

Thanks for your explanations. I want to share some documents

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