Question: puzzled by the solution, _Z is involved. Help pls!

Dear Friends:

My original equation is

solve({(1-3*q2)*(1+lamda) = 0, r1*q1-2*r2*XA*(1+lamda) = 0, (1-2*q2)*q2-r2*XA^2 = 0, 1-3*q1+r1*XA = 0}, {XA, q1, q2, lamda})

The answer is

{XA = -1/r1, q1 = 0, q2 = RootOf(r2-r1*_Z+2*_Z^2)/r1, lamda = -1}, {XA = RootOf(-1+9*r2*_Z^2), q1 = 1/3+(1/3)*r1*RootOf(-1+9*r2*_Z^2), q2 = 1/3, lamda = (1/6)*(9*r2*r1*RootOf(-1+9*r2*_Z^2)+r1^2-6*r2)/r2}


Two questions:

1. Actually I want all my q1, q2, XA, r1, r2 be non-negative, how should I modify the original code?

2. What does _Z mean? For example, XA = RootOf(-1+9*r2*_Z^2) means what? What is the value?

This is the second time I tend to use MAPLE. I learn by doing. Your kind help is greatly appreciated!


Many thanks!



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