Question: data plot like C/C++ style

I use gnuplot to generate graphs in C++.Now we all know that in C++,we  just pass a text file to gnuplot,tell it to plot the text file.

Now,in Maple I want to do the similar thing,like this:

Suppose I have some single variable function/procedure,say of x

then I can write a loop say,

for 0 to 100 by 0.01 do



With this I can see the output.Now if I want the plot of f(x) vs x,then how can I say it to Maple?

I don't want to do- plot(f(x),x=....).I need the plot using the above output.

I know ScatterPlot in stats package,but in here I have to construct tables and input the data manually,but passing hundreds or thousands of data manually is  totally impractical.

Thanks in advance.

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