Question: Maple to Singular?

Is there a way to convert maple codes into Singular codes?

If not, Are there any Singular expert here?

Could someone please give me a screen shot and/or a copy-and-paste of the Singular codes that would do the following simple task done in maple:

Let me explain a bit:

The input is F, which is a set of 2 polynomials.

The command Groebner:-UnivariatePolynomial takes F as the input, and outputs a polynomial only in x, you might ask: "but a and b are also in the output, why?" this is because a and b are considered to be parameters, only x and y are variables as defined by {x,y} in the command.

I tried to look for a "Univariate Polynomial"-like command in the singular tutorial but with no luck, many thanks to anyone who would kindly help me out!!!


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