Question: Vector Calculus problem

I want to write this down in the maple:

V is a vector field namely(in cartesian coordinates) V:=VectorField(<u(x,y,z),v(x,y,z),w(x,y,z)>)

Now I want to make a vector like this:


which if write into components will be:

u*(diff(u, x))+v*(diff(u, y))+w*(diff(u, z))

u*(diff(v, x))+v*(diff(v, y))+w*(diff(v, z))

u*(diff(w, x))+v*(diff(w, y))+w*(diff(w, z))

but I cant get it out of maple!! when I use V.Del I get

which cannot be used to multiply by V


Can you pleaes give me any note how should I do this? maybe in another way but I need those three terms above as the coefficients of e_x, e_y, e_z

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