Question: deplot3d graphing question

Hello! I am trying to graph the following: 

dx/dt = -10*x + 10*y 
dy/dt = r*x - y - x*z 
dz/dt = -(8/3)*z + x*y 

where x, y, and z are all functions of time (t). Solve the equations subject to the constraint that r = 25 and the initial conditions that at t = 0, x = -1, y = -1, and z = 1. 

This is my code:
DE*plot3d({d*x(t)/dt = -10*x(t)+10*y(t), d*y(t)/dt = 25*x(t)-y(t)-x(t)*z(t), d*z(t)/dt = (-8/3)*z(t)+x(t)*y(t)}, {x(t), y(t), z(t)}, t = 0 .. 60, [x(0) = -1, y(0) = -1, z(0) = 1], stepsize = .5)

I am not familiar with Maple, but I am required to use it for this particular assignment. However, when I try the above, I get the following error message:
Error, (in plot3d) first argument must be either in standard or parametric form 

If anybody could help me get this code working along with the graph, that would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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