Question: Multiplying Matrix


Question 1:
In matlab, i write "Ck=zeros(18,18,6)" which will give me the answer Ck(:,:,1), Ck(:,:,2), Ck(:,:,3)... Ck(:,:,6).
I tried writing Ck:=ZeroMatrix(18,18,6) but it doesn't work. May I know what is the right way to write it please?

Question 2:
Relating to the above question, I now have several Ck matrix, Ck1, Ck2, Ck3... Ck6. and also several P matrix, P1,P2,P3...P6. Each Ck and P matrix are 9x9matrices. How can I write A:=Ck*P to give me Ck1*P1, Ck2*P2,...Ck6*P6. Where when i type in A(6), it will give me Ck6*P6.

What I have in mind for question 2 is something like that :

for m from 1 to 6 do
Z:=Ck(:,:,i)*P(:,:,i);      ####this is not the way i shoud write, what should i change it to please?
end do


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