Question: [Maple 15][Linux 64Bit] Bug in integration over a domain on Linux amd64

Hi! I'm running Maple 15.01 64Bit on my Xubuntu 12.04.

I also got Maple 15 installed on my Windows7 64Bit computer to verify the results.


So let's see what is going wrong:


What does work?

int(x^n, x);

Gives me on both machines the correct result:

int( x^n, x)

int(x^n, x=1..1);

Gives me on both machines the correct result as well: 0


What does not work?

Integration over a domain with a (negative) exponent in the function:

int(x^n, x=2..3)  // in this example n is undefined

Expected result and actual result on Win7:

int( x^n, x=2..3)

Result on Linux:

int( x^n, x=2..3)

i.e. Maple doesn't evaluate the integral but indeed simplifies it:

int((x-2*x)^n, x=2..3^3);

results in

int((-x)^n, x=2..9)

on Linux.


Further I tried to alter the exponent n:

Same incorrect result for all n < 0! But works for n >= 0! 


What did I try to solve the problem so far?

1.) Put an an evalf() around the integral: Didn't change anything

2.) Reinstalled Maple on Linux: No improvements.

Can anyone of you reproduce the bug? Any suggestions or ideas what is going wrong?

Best Greetings,


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