Question: How do I change variables and put multiple files together?

Hi, I have variables and would like to assign different values to them and later on combine them for the final calculation. How do i do it? For example:

I have 5 variables in each file. (a,b,c,d,e).

It contributes to my Force, Amplitude, MatrixAA and MatrixBB

How do i put it in a way where i can have 3cases?

Case1:= a=1,b=2,c=3,d=1.5,e=6 ; And It shall give me Force1, Amplitude1, MatrixAA1, MatrixBB1
Case2:= a=3,b=3,c=1,d=3,e=8 ; And It shall give me Force2, Amplitude2, MatrixAA2, MatrixBB2
Case3:= a=5,b=3,c=3,d=5,e=3 ; And It shall give me Force3, Amplitude3, MatrixAA3, MatrixBB3

Question 1: I have written for case1, is there any way so I do not need to write case2 and case 3 all over again?
Question 2: How do i load all these 3 files together in one final file so that I can get total force, total amplitude, sum of matrixAA, sum of MatrixBB?

Please help. Thank you.


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