Question: How often can I append to an rtable?

I have written a procedure that creates lists of numbers (for later plotting, but that is irrelevant here). These lists I have programmed as 1-d rtables (Vectors and Arrays). Since I do not know initially how many entries the procedure will generate I am using programmer indexing (with round braces) so the Arrays and Vectors get extended as needed, 1 entry at a time. Basically; I dynamically allocate storage in this way. Maybe not the most efficient way but should work for now.

All works for small numbers of entries. But I found out (with the debugger) that the Maple kernel crashes when I try to extend the tables beyond 256 times (adding one entry each time)! Clearly this is not a size limit for rtables, and to test things out I am only creating 3 of these tables for now so I am not anywhere near running out of space. The stored entries, incidentally are float[8] and short strings.

So my question is: Is there a fixed limit to how often one can extend the size of an rtable? Is there a parameter I can set to increase this limit? Is this a bug?? I suspect I can find a work-around but am not keen on this. Ultimately I need this to work to as large as 10000 entries per rtable.

Maple 15 on OS X Tiger/PPC G4.


Mac Dude

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