Question: Graphing parametric sweep results of a MapleSim model in Maple


I'm running a 2D parameter sweep from Maple 15 on a MapleSim 5 model. The output is stored in a 2D matrix.  I've encountered two problems:

1) when I graph it with matrixplot the z-axis values are fine but I can't figure out how to change the x-axis and y-axis values from the matrix indices to the actual values of the swept parameters. 

2) When the parameter sweep begins I get a warning about storing the values in a matrix.  Maple says "Parts of the expression are ambiguous.  Please select one of the suggested meanings":  (1) Function defintion, or (2) Remember table assignment.

I select table assignment and it works.  I'd like to fine a less "ambiguous" way of doing this.

Here's the Maple code that I'm using:

Using the matrixplot command I get a graph like this:

Any guidance on how to do this better is much appreciated!





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