Question: Equation Editor slow and unreliable?


I would be grateful if other users of Maple TA could post their experiences of the Equation Editor here.  I have used it in Maple TA 5 (on premise) and 8 (hosted) and in both cases it is incredibly slow to load, has errors with out of date certificates (I've been told these will be fixed in version 9), and sometimes just won't display an equation from the question at all.  I don't think I'm doing anything wrong (I position my cursor on the equation in Maple TA so the box appears around it, and click on the sigma symbol) - surely I can't be the only one using it?

Sometimes I can persuade it to show the equation by clicking on the MathML tab (which does show the content) and clicking back again, several times, but this is hardly satisfactory.  I've also come across the Maple Export presentation command, but this isn't very friendly for academics who prefer to click on a symbol.

Can anyone offer a suggestion?

Many thanks,


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