Question: Abstract multi variable expression

Hello everybody,


I'm completely new to Maple (installed it today) and have a question about the use of multi variabele expressions. I wanted to use a function B depending from the variables a, b, c and d without describing the expression explicit. 

For example: B:= (a, b, c, d);            [without the -> a....]

Then I wanted to take the taylor expansion of the first order for [a=e, b=f, c=g, d=h] (see next line) but it didn't work. 

For example: mtaylor(B, [a=e, b=f, c=g, d=h], 1);           

Gives: Error, (in mtaylor) 3rd argument (the order) must be a non-negative integer



What am I doing wrong? I do want to work with a abstract expression as above.

Kind regards,


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